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Take a Peek Thursday


I am a huge fan of buying handmade and local, I always have been. It seems that more and more people are realizing the value in handmade products and the importance of supporting small businesses and artisans. I think our culture as a whole is starting to realize the value of handmade. Finally.

For many artisans and small businesses word of mouth and grass roots style marketing is key to success. With social media and other social apps, virtual networking and sharing is becoming an integral part of branding and advertising. Sharing favorite finds, talking about great customer service, supporting other artisans are prevalent on these sites. I want to bring some of that sharing and promoting here to Sparetire Design’s blog. I have the pleasure and honor to know many talented artisans who all excel at their craft. Every couple of Thursday’s I will ask one of them to share some of their experiences and some of their favorite finds. Let’s help spread the word about wonderful artists!!!

I’ll start!

A little about me… I have been always been creative, always making things, drawing, painting… this love of creativity and art drove me to art school. I am fortunate to have the opportunity and focus to pursue this creative avenue and couple it with my entrepreneurial drive. I have taken my freelance graphic design studio and transformed it into a graphic and stationery design studio. I sell my designer stationery note cards, personalized stationery sets and wedding invitations and stationery on Etsy, Artfire, Zazzle and soon will be integrating a market on the Sparetire Design site.

Through these marketplaces I have found so many objects of desire! From hand knit slippers (that never come off my feet, I  L O V E them!), hand thrown pottery (great gift!), ceramic travel mugs (seriously who couldn’t use one of these!? Eco friendly too.) and hand sewn cozy‘s for those mugs (Tara Dara makes the BEST sewn accessories for electronics and mugs).

But my ultimate favorite hand made purchase goes to (drum roll please) the hand sewn small wristlet by Sew Beastly! This wristlet is the perfect size to carry everything I need with me; my phone, my cards, chap stick and coordinating change purse! The colors fit my personality, the craftsmanship is incredible (that ruffle detail is so stinkin’ sweet) and I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive carrying it around. A D O R A B L E!

I hope you go check out some of these shops and items, they are very much worth your time! Join the in the sharing by commenting below!

Stay tuned for our next Take a Peek Thursday!

Hello world!


Well it’s a new year, so I am creating a new blog. My old blog focused on the happening of Sparetire Design… my new focus will be a little wider spread. I want to focus on artists as a group, all different kids or artists: musicians, jewelry aritsts, painters, photographers… the possibilities are endless! Occasionally there will be posts about Sparetire Design and the adventures of running a business and a growing family. Sometimes I will share some of my favorite finds I come across, products I can’t wait to try,  and I am going to have a “spotlight” feature once in awhile where I will pick an artist to share their experiences with selling handmade and buying handmade.

This coming year holds some more changes and exciting opportunities for Sparetire Design.

1. Through my association with The Artisan Group, I will be participating in GBK Productions Luxury Artisan Gift Lounge at the Academy Awards (that’s the OSCARS folks!). All celebrities and presenters in attendance will receive a swag bag filled with treasures from TAG members! I am so honored and thrilled to be able to participate.

2. I am integrating a stationery shop directly into my website… I will let you know when it is up and ready!!! For now you can still purchase our lovely stationery items on Etsy and Artfire.

3. New blog!