Hello world!


Well it’s a new year, so I am creating a new blog. My old blog focused on the happening of Sparetire Design… my new focus will be a little wider spread. I want to focus on artists as a group, all different kids or artists: musicians, jewelry aritsts, painters, photographers… the possibilities are endless! Occasionally there will be posts about Sparetire Design and the adventures of running a business and a growing family. Sometimes I will share some of my favorite finds I come across, products I can’t wait to try,  and I am going to have a “spotlight” feature once in awhile where I will pick an artist to share their experiences with selling handmade and buying handmade.

This coming year holds some more changes and exciting opportunities for Sparetire Design.

1. Through my association with The Artisan Group, I will be participating in GBK Productions Luxury Artisan Gift Lounge at the Academy Awards (that’s the OSCARS folks!). All celebrities and presenters in attendance will receive a swag bag filled with treasures from TAG members! I am so honored and thrilled to be able to participate.

2. I am integrating a stationery shop directly into my website… I will let you know when it is up and ready!!! For now you can still purchase our lovely stationery items on Etsy and Artfire.

3. New blog!

About sparetiredesign

Owner and creative at Sparetire Design, a graphic design studio focused on modern wedding invitations, personal stationery, stationery sets and custom logo design. I have three wonderful children, and an amazing, supportive husband!

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