Experiences : Marcus Foster Live



Marcus Foster at Rockwood Music Hall

Marcus Foster live at the Rockwood Music Hall, with Bobby Long. It was a pleasure meeting these two incredible artists.

Ever have a musician you would drop just about anything you had planned to go see? On top of my list is British singer songwriter Marcus Foster. Last night I was finally able to see him play live at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. I’ve waited a long time for him to come state side for a tour. Marcus did not let me down! In typical Marcus Foster style he entertained and charmed us with stories from the road and laughed at himself when he spent a few minutes tuning his guitar in the wrong key. He is one of those musicians that the music pulses through as they perform; every inch of him exudes his passion and talent. His voice is raw and gritty, his lyrics poignant, funny and brilliant. The intimate venue made it feel like hanging out with an old friend. Just when I thought the night couldn’t get better, he invited his friend and fellow Brit Bobby Long to join him in two songs. Marcus and Bobby played “Crooked Sky” and a very entertaining version of “Kiss is a Knife”.

I was able to grab Marcus’ new EP which is only available at shows, and was able to meet and chat with him. I am always leery meeting someone I admire and respect, but Marcus was sincere, grounded and kind. I got a chance to say hi to Bobby right before he hopped in a cab as well; he too was gracious and kind. It is really great to be able to tell someone how much you enjoy their music, and to have them truly appreciate your support. These guys are the type of artists and people you want to shout to the world about and yet keep it to yourself because you don’t want to change the incredible dynamic they’ve created. Bobby and Marcus are true talents… take the time to listen to their music, and if you have a chance, be sure to catch them live. You won’t be disappointed!

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