It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (almost)


I know, it’s only the end of September why am I thinking about Christmas already?!? I’ll tell you why! My gift giving list contains many hand made items I wish to purchase for my loved ones, and as an owner of a handmade shop, I know the earlier you order the better! Especially if the items are customized to the lucky ducky receiving the gift. Waiting until December to purchase handmade gifts will result in rushed orders (read extra $$$), stress on you and especially the artist trying to put a bit of themselves and a part of their soul into each handmade inch of the gift they are creating for your loved one (or you!).

As I was browsing my favorite shops and items on Etsy, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you! These are just a few of the amazing handmade items I’ve fallen for, there are more on my Pinterest boards, check out my Gift Giving (for her), Gift Giving (for him) and the What I want for Christmas boards, along with the Sparetire Design Stationery boards. My shop has several great gift ideas, personalized stationery and note pads to name a few. But the trick is to order early!

Here are 14 pics for just about everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Image1. Key Chain by theCopperPoppy
2. Hand thrown Bowl by OneClayBead
3. Bracelet by TownofBeadrock
4. Bike shirt by iheartanalogue
5. Napkins by giardino
6. Leather Bracelet by SariBlue
7. Travel Mug by snowhillpottery
8. Earrings by huiyitan
9. Slippers by Molipop
10. Journals by ordinaryartists
11. Feathers by jodyvanB
12. Scarf by AnniesCloset
13. Dog Toy by wagsandwiggles
14. Poster by JumpOffThePage

Many of these shops I have purchased from, others I have long admired. I hope you buy Hand Made this holiday season, online or in your local shops; buy something made with love (and order early 😉 ).

About sparetiredesign

Owner and creative at Sparetire Design, a graphic design studio focused on modern wedding invitations, personal stationery, stationery sets and custom logo design. I have three wonderful children, and an amazing, supportive husband!

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