Sparetire Design was created by me, Jess Gattone, a graphic designer, to create modern wedding invitations, personalized stationery and custom logo design solutions. I have my BFA in Graphic Design from Alfred University and am an experienced graphic and media designer.

Sparetire Design’s stationery studio developed over time out of a love of paper and passion for everything design. Everyone can have custom solutions to their stationery needs, it is easy and fun. Personal stationery, wedding invitations, special event invitations and everyday stationery are accessible and fun when you work with me. My designs have a deep rooted natural and organic feel to them; they are unique and can be customized to your needs.

I have always been intrigued and drawn to design elements. With that love and passion it is easy to see why I love creating custom solutions for business identity. It is important for your business to stand out from others while still holding true to the values of your business. I pride myself on listening to your needs, wants and overall concepts and using those as a spring board to create a custom and effective logo design.

On the personal side, I am a mother of three incredible children who make me laugh and smile all the time. I am married to an amazing and supportive husband; he is the yin to my yang. I come from a large (loud) family who are diverse and fun to be around. I am one lucky gal!

Retro design note card, Jess in the studio

Jess holding her Retro Design Note Card

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