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Emerging Artist Series


I am a firm believer in supporting artists & musicians that spark an interest or chord with me. I love to connect with others by talking and sharing artists and musicians, especially those whom are hovering below the radar. My goal is to share these artists and musicians with any one who will listen!

To kick things off I want to tell you about this great musical movement that started in London several years ago, Communion. Communion is a community of musicians, artists and fans that showcase emerging talents. The movement has quickly grown and now many cities have their own Communion monthly shows. A few years ago, I was reading an article about the British folk scene and these “club nights” hosted by Communion, the article mentioned British musician Marcus Foster and had a link to one of his songs. I was immediately smitten with the tone of his voice and beautifully composed songs. In this day and age of the “interwebs” I quickly searched for more of his music to listen to. I was able to find an EP to buy, but knew the best way to get his music library was to attend a show.

I ( not so ) patiently waited for a US tour with a show I would be able to attend. Finally, last March I had the pleasure to see Marcus live. He did not disappoint, on the contrary I was even more impressed with his music live. Marcus has this likable charm and quirkiness as he relays stories of the road, and an incredible energy when he plays… you can see it move up from his feet and course through his being as he plays. Last fall I was invited to attend a secret concert weekend that included Marcus. I was blown away by the invitation, incredibly nervous and anxious to attend… this was way out of my comfort zone. But when would another chance like this arise? I am so happy I put my big girl pants on and attended the weekend. If it is at all possible, Marcus was even more impressive. He is also a very kind and funny gentleman. ( I gave him a set of custom personalized stationery but was so nervous I didn’t even tell him what it was or that I created it for him *hangs head* ) I walked away from the weekend with a greater appreciation for Marcus’ music, a bunch of new friends who share the same passions and a little more confidence. 😉

Marcus is on tour in the US right now! He has many stops, and I encourage you to try to get to one. Tickets are not expensive and you will get a night out and an incredible music experience. I am attending as many as I can, hope you do too!