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Invitation Etiquette


Wedding season is in full swing here at Sparetire Design. If you are entering the world of wedding etiquette and invitations, I hope you find this little guide helpful. Happy planning! Be sure to check out our wedding invitation designs!

Many couples find themselves in a quandry over wedding invitation etiquette. Etiquette rules, which need to be followed, which can be tweaked, which can be thrown out? There isn’t a strict guideline for our modern society but a few simple rules to keep in mind.

Tweak: Drop the inner envelope (it is a greener choice too) and use the mailing address for informing who is invited:

     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rossi
      and Family

     Mr. Stephen Rossi
     and Guest

Follow: The host line:
Who is hosting? Traditionally it is the bride’s parents, how ever many couples host their own wedding, often times both sets of parents share the hosting responsibilities. Choose the best format that describes your situation.
    Tweak: If the grooms parent’s are hosting with the bride’s parents, their name follows    after. If the groom’s family is not hosting but you would like to mention them, do so after    the groom’s name

Follow: Request line:
Traditionally if the ceremony is held in a place of worship the phrasing is specific: “request the honor of your presence”
For a secular venue: “request the pleasure of your company”
    Tweak: Informal wording is becoming ever more common and popular “the pleasure of         your company at the marriage of” is perfectly acceptable

Tweak: Bride and groom line:
Traditionally “to” and “and” are used and on a separate line. However “&” and an artful arrangement where the article is placed on the same line as one or both names is accetpable. Traditionally the brides surname (if the same as the parent’s name used in the host line) is not used. The groom’s last name is used.
If informal wording is used, last names can be omitted.
For example:
The Rossi and Calbutto families
invite you to share in the joy of the marriage uniting their children
Amy and John

Tweak: Date and time lines:
Traditionally numbers are spelled out and the year is omitted.I guide my clients to write out the numbers and include the year.
More and more people are using numerals. Some say this is not less formal, I disagree. I think using numerals is a less formal choice.

Location line:
Traditionally no street address is used.
    Tweak: Use the street address, do not use commas or punctuation and omit the zip code

RSVP cards:
Set the respond date two weeks before the wedding date. Be sure to have a place for the guests name, some indication of how many guests ( __ seats have been reserved in your honor) or a simple line next to your accept and decline lines. If your venue needs a count for the food you can include the meal choice. More and more couples are including something a little extra, be it a song request line, or words of wisdom line, these are acceptable and fun! The accept and decline lines can be fun and quirky too! 

Reception cards:
If your reception/celebration is held at a separate place from the ceremony it is  common to include a separate card containing the information. If it is held at the same place as the ceremony, include it on the invitation.

Not Acceptable to include on invitations:
Registry Information: It is rude to include this in your invitation. Many couples have wedding day sites, it is acceptable to have this information on the website. You can include a small card that directs your guests to the site: “For more information regarding our wedding, please visit our wedding website http://www.yourwedding.site.com” or something along these lines, be sure not to include the word “registry”.

URL: Having a wedding site is a wonderful (and green) idea! However it is not ok to have the url on the invitation itself. It can be included on the reception card or a separate insert.

For wording ideas and guest addressing solutions check out our Price and Style Guide.